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Electronic cigarettes wholesale

You are going to open a shop for the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories in your town or online shop of electronic cigarettes, but do not know where to buy electronic cigarettes in bulk at the lowest price? You have just found a supplier of electronic cigarettes, accessories and liquids, sells products directly from factories! You no longer have to work with many small suppliers that offer you a limited list of products of dubious quality at inflated prices. These suppliers are literally bind your hands, forcing to set prices above the market average.

Vaprocig offers you the best quality products at low prices. Electronic cigarettes and liquids have quality certificates corresponding to the European and American standards.

Buy electronic cigarettes wholesale

To buy electronic cigarettes wholesale, you must submit your application by e-mail info@vaprocig.ru marked "Wholesale". In response, you will be sent an order form, where you can choose the right products in any quantity. The minimum amount of goods from 1 pcs., The only restriction is that you can only buy goods for resale (wholesale). You can count on the full support in the preparation of the list of the best products within your budget, any matters relating to the production, legal issues regarding the opening of the store, stylistic decision on registration of your outlet or online store. We will help you develop your online store selling electronic cigarettes, if you do not have any. Each wholesale customer can count on a discount rebate program, which takes effect when the total amount of purchases only 300 thousand. Rubles! And for the first order you will be given the prices that correspond to the prices when buying from 100 units, regardless of volume.

10 reasons why you should choose as a provider of electronic cigarettes is Vaprocig:

  1. Products directly from manufacturers.
  2. A huge database of products that can be ordered in one place.
  3. Different classes of products starting with the cheapest and ending elite clones the original model.
  4. Lowest prices in Russia. If you find a lower price, we are ready for you to make the price even lower.
  5. Any volume of 1 unit.
  6. Fast delivery from Kazan throughout Russia.
  7. Quality certificates.
  8. No problems with customs control.
  9. Ongoing dialogue, support for legal and organizational issues.
  10. Discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

If you are still in doubt, just send an e-mail to info@vaprocig.ru, to find out the prices for electronic cigarettes wholesale. Believe me, these prices you still nobody offered!

Remember, successful business begins with the selection of the wise supplier!